March Update from ACCF Director, Tim Shutt

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As with all organisations, the COVID-19 pandemic is going to have a significant impact on our charity. But it is one we are well-placed to cope with and we are also keen to remember that there are individuals, communities and businesses who are facing, and will continue to face, more significant challenges than us.

Having said that, we must do all we can to protect our wide range of stakeholders, namely our staff, our donors, our schools and community groups, and our supporters. To that end, I have written individually to many, and will continue to do so, with communication being the key process in seeing us through this.

Charitable Programmes

Unfortunately, given the current situation and guidelines, we are likely to lose a significant amount of our scheduled programme activity. With the risk of cancellation as it is, we are preparing for this by limiting our financial liabilities. Furthermore, we will be doing everything we can to ensure our programmes are ready to go ahead, as and when the situation improves. We will also be looking at a modified programme of activities this year, including moving beyond our typical delivery period.

This period does allow us to apply more focus to our long-term strategic planning, seeking to enhance the quality, range and impact of our programmes. We will also continue with our programme of enhancing our stakeholder communication processes and systems, including a new CRM system and website. Back in February, we undertook a recruitment campaign to replace the brilliant Annie Atkinson, and I am delighted to say that Lorraine Squire has accepted the position of Marketing and Fundraising Executive.  


We have a number of exciting fundraising events due to take place this year. The first of those is not until July so we are delaying making any decisions regarding any possible postponement or cancellation. With that in mind, we remain positive that they will all take place so please feel free to review our broad range of events, all of which will bring some much needed socialising, fun and fitness back to our lives. We will make a further update on the July events at the beginning of May.   

We will continue to monitor the government’s advice and guidance on COVID-19 and will provide updates periodically. In the meantime, on behalf of all myself, the Trustees and colleagues, we wish all those connected to the Arundel Castle Cricket Foundation a safe and healthy passage during this difficult period.

Tim Shutt - Director
March 2020

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